About Grand Mills

"Bring Out The Baker In You!"

There are moments for everyone to be inspired— by trying something fresh and new.
Our flour odyssey began in 1978 with the high quality production of superior products, which soon turned into a legacy that paved the path for culinary excellence. Today, our flours are sprinkling creative magic in the homes of families and the lives of cooking enthusiasts.
At Grand Mills, we don’t just believe in producing flour. We believe in going beyond flour to inspire everyone to share the joy of cooking every single day.
As pioneers of the region’s milling industry and experts in all things flour related, we are committed to providing our consumers with bespoke solutions to unleash their cooking and baking creativity.
So whether you’re cooking an elaborate family dinner or creating delicious desserts, let Grand Mills flour be your trusted companion to guarantee you ultimate cooking joy and smiles of satisfaction!